Böhm Stirling Engine
Germany - Manufacture date: 2005
Bore = 1/2", Stroke 1", Flywheel diameter = 2"
Style: Stirling , Working Beam

Dimensions: 9" length x 6" width x 9" height
(includes base)

The Boehm Stirling Engine

he Böhm striling engine was something I wanted the first time I ever saw one online. The twin cylinder configuration had a flair that always intrigued me, but the price was also a bit more than I wanted to lay down. I put it on my list of eventual purchases and continued to lust after it each time I happened to surf onto their web site. Sometime in 2004 I was lurking about on Ebay in Germany and noticed that someone was offering up a huge number of auctions consisting of what appeared to be Böhm parts. Seeing the number and variety of the offerings, I began to suspect that something was afoot, and my curiosity lead me to begin making a few discreet inquiries. I was somewhat concerned that Böhm might have ceased operations and that I had waited too long to make my purchase.

The concern I had for their continued operation was, thankfully, unfounded as I learned that they were indeed still doing business, but had decided to somewhat change their direction and significantly alter their designs. This meant that the large twin cylinder that I wanted would no longer be available.

I contacted Doug at The Great Toy Steam Company, a Böhm dealer, and learned that my information was correct. He also informed me he was ordering from among the last of the available twin cylinder types for his own personal collection and that only one or 2 more were even offered by Böhm. After some discussion, Doug took my order and we crossed our fingers that Böhm would fill both our orders from their remaining stock.

Front View of the Böhm Stirling

Rear View of the Böhm Stirling

A few days later I learned that I would be getting one of the last engines. I seldom purchase commercially made engines and even more rarely do I buy newly made commercial engines. After a number of years of putting off acquiring  this motor, time and circumstances had forced my hand. There were never many of this style engines made and I was determined not to miss this last chance to add one to my collection. It's one of the very few non-steam related items to become a part of this eclectic assemblage, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do...(grin)

These are high precision machines and well worth looking into if you are interested in adding a Stirling engine or two to your own collection.


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