Stuart No.9 Horizontal Mill Engine
United Kingdom - Manufacture date: 1981
Bore =1- 1/2", Stroke 1- 1/2", Flywheel diameter = 5"
Style: Double Acting, Horizontal Mill Engine

Dimensions: 11" length x 6" width x 6" height

Stuart H9 with Flyball Governor

Stuart Engines make extremely nice display pieces and this one is no exception. This motor was built by a gentleman by the name of Lou, in New York state. I acquired it when he broke up a personal collection of engines he had built in his hobby machine shop.

Lou is a bit of an artist with tools and prides himself in having held this engine to within ±1/2 of a thousandth of an inch in tolerance to the blueprint specs. His talent really shines when you see the nice crisp clean edges and smooth contours on machine mirrored metal surfaces that are the touch of a master machinist. No hand polishing required for Lou's work.

Here is the Flyball Governor that Stuart offers for the No.9 engine. It doubles as a guide for the slide valve linkage and is fully functional. This made it appealing to me, since it was a bit different from the usual mill engines I'd been seeing.

The cylinder is jacketed in gun metal blue steel sheeting and, although attractive, doesn't look as if its going to fair well in the high humidity of the south without constant oiling. The sheeting may eventually be replaced by hardwood slats to make maintaining things easier. Sorry Lou...but may need to be done.

Cylinder and Governor Detail

Another View

I haven't connected this engine to a boiler yet. I will be designing the display for the full assembly in the near future and will post new photos when it is complete and running under power.

The boiler I plan to mate to this engine is the larger version of the old style Stuart horizontal boiler with the flash heat tubes. It will be fired by a canister "torch" type burner from Stuart. I'm not satisfied with the burner, so I am looking for one of the old style square reservoir paraffin or alcohol tube type burners.


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