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Stuart Beam
Reeves Tangye
Stuart H9
Stuart D-10
Jensen 51
Elbow Engine
Cretors D
öhm Stirling
Radial Engine
Water Pressure
Rotary Engine
Curved Cyl.
Lewiston High 



Steam Turbine Collection


Welcome to the Steam Gallery

I hope you'll spend a few minutes to enjoy some of my favorite toys. I've been collecting toy and handmade miniature steam engines for a quite few years now. Most of the engines shown here are, in some way, unusual or hard to find ... others just tempted me in a weak moment. Each one, a story, making it part of the collection. Just Click on each image for details on the engine shown.

Thank you to all who have visited this site and for helping it to become surprisingly popular. I've met quite a number of wonderful people who share my love for these addictive little machines and I look forward to meeting many more. Feel free to send photos of your collection or that one very special engine. I always enjoy seeing what others have been lucky enough to find or the creations you've made, using talents I am only now beginning to acquire.

Just starting out? Don't be afarid to drop me a line to share the fun or to ask a question. We all began collecting with that first much prized engine.










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