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Manufacturer Links

Jensen Steam

Jensen Steam Engines is located in Jeannette, Pennsylvania, USA and is the World's oldest and America's only manufacturer of its kind. Building high quality brass and cast iron toy miniature stationary steam engines and generators since 1932, they've introduced multiple generations to the hobby of live steam.

Stuart Models

Located in Great Britain, Stuart Models is the oldest company in the world still producing a wide range of model stationary steam engines. Established in 1898, they still provide some of the finest hand made engines, ready to assemble and casting kits available today.

A.J. Reeves Model

Another British Manufacturer, Reeves produces an extensive catalog of casting kits for high quality miniature models of real world stationary and traction steam engines. They've recently begun offering a few in "ready to assemble" kits for those of us with out machine tools.

Tiny Power

This relative new comer to the steam model world is quickly becoming known for a fast growing line of model stationary steam engine casting kits. Their engines have a reputation for being an excellent entry point for anyone considering building their first hand made steam engine. Tiny Power is located in Branson Missouri, here in the United States


From Wellsville, NY, P.M. Research offers a wide range of casting kits. their catalog lists miniature stationary steam engines, stirling engines, and highly detailed miniature machine tool kits. They also offer as a wide selection of finished and unfinished fittings and accessories and for miniature steam projects.

Engine Co.

Located in Waldport, Oregon in the USA, Reliable Steam Engines offers casting kits for several styles of "small" stirling and steam engines including complex compound expansion engines. Their kits are designed for the experienced machinist who wants to produce true usable works of art. Their web site also states they will soon be offering a couple of "Multi-stage Impulse Turbine" kits. Huh?....Hey!!!...where have you guys been hiding?


Graham Industries is a Family run business, offering an attractive line of modestly priced, ready to assemble or pre-assembled steam engines. The product line includes vertical, horizontal and marine style engines. These engines are well designed and executed, making them excellent  projects for the novice with limited tooling as well as the experienced steam afficionado.

Geoff Winwood

Located in Great Britain, Geoff Winwood offers a beautiful line of "D.R. Mercer" miniature traction engines as ready to assemble kits or custom pre-assembled. The engines are offered in both agricultural and showman styles. These engines and kits are professionally hand made and can be customized from a long list of available accessories and options. Pricing is reasonable and quality is favorably comparable to more expensive kits offered by other traction model suppliers. Geoff also offers steam engines from Wilesco and Mamod.

The Kookaburra
Steam Engine

Kookaburra Steam Engines is an up and coming manufacturer from "Down Under" in Australia. They currently offer a ready to run "Overtype" steam engine which looks pretty good from the photos and specifications. They have plans to offer a list of castings, accessories and possibly kits, in the not too distant future.

Historic Steam Models

Historic Steam Models is a British manufacturer of premium display quality, working scale models of historic steam engine power plants. Their impressive attention to detail and use of high precision CNC machining, allows them to offer the collector a series of astoundingly beautiful and eye-catching machines, in fully assembled or ready to assemble kit form.

Midwest Model Steam

Link requests are pretty common and I try to be accommodating when the subject matter is a good fit. Another often amusing inquiry concerns "Where can I find a big,  honking huge, I mean a really impressive  model steam engine?"  By adding this link, I've multitasked a wee bit. I've not only added Nidwest Model Steam Products to this links list, but  those looking for a gigargantuan bodaciously large impressive  model steam engine can now sleep peacefully at night. Midwest Model Steam Products'  BH2 steam engine weighs in at a hernia creating 175 pounds, complete with twin cylinders with a steam  hungry 2 1/2 x 4 inches of  muscular bore and stroke. They also offer a line of model steam train parts and one very interesting little turbo generator. We're talking some serious steam here folks.

Green Velvet
Steam Cylinder Oils

Proper internal lubrication is essential to the longevity of your steam engine. As any veteran  steamer knows there just aren't many sources for steam oils left these days... especially high quality oils. Bill, at Green Velvet, has spent a large chunk of his life chasing down the formulas he uses to produce what is perhaps the most effective product  I've used.  He also sells his products at a very resonable price for small user quantities. I use it in my own engines... I like it ...  I'm sharing the information with you..... nuff said

Collector Links

How Stuff Works is a great resource for learning how and why just about anything works. It is a wonderful place to find information on steam engines, how they function and their importance to the advent of the industrial age. Gary is the knowledgeable moderator for the site's steam area and offers to answer questions for the curious collector and student alike. This site is also plain a fascinating place to wander through a wide range of subjects. It never fails to deliver some new tidbit, you didn't know before your visit.

Eureka, I Found It!

Stuart is a an antique dealer with a penchant for toy steam engines. He offers a nice catalog of antique and contemporary engines and accessories which always sell very quickly. This site should visited often, if you hope to purchase one of his engines before it's sold. They just never seem to stay for sale very long.

Carol and Dallas'

Carol and Dallas are toy collectors extraordinaire. Among the amazingly wide variety of toys they have acquired is an absolutely beautiful collection of vintage toy steam engines. Carol and Dallas are selective in their acquisitions and it shows in their extensive and pristine collection. Nothing is for sale on this site but you'll definitely want to take your time and enjoy the visit.

Traction Engine

Martin runs a well designed site dedicated to those with an interest in traction engines, large and small. The resources on this site include shows, engines wanted, engines for sale and a very extensive list of steam related links. You'll sometimes find miniature engines and the odd toy listed here.


Lamborn's Miniature Engines is a well designed and easy to navigate steam site, chock full of resources for steam collectors and hobby machinists. He has some of his own engines displayed on the site, along with a huge collection of links related to several different types of miniature engines. Brian has put a lot of work into making this site as great place to visit, and it shows.

Tractors Online

Antique Tractors Online is a growing resource for steam and internal combustion engine collectors as well as tractor lovers. The site offers many links to a wide variety of resources for its users, all  in a well thought out web site.

Robin Corsiglia's
Steam Engine

Robin is the Grand Master of toy steam engine collectors and his was one of the very earliest steam sites on the net. His first love is reserved for Marklin engines, and he owns some examples which you'll simply have to see to believe. This HUGE collection seems to have at least one model from almost every manufacturer ever known to exist. Robin's web site is a Mecca for toy steam and a required surfing pilgrimage for every small engine collector.

Old Engine

Harry is another early pioneer of engine collecting on the Internet. His web site has a wealth of information for not only steam, but any area of engine collecting, building, repair and restoration. Although the site is heavy on Hit and Miss engine information, he also has a nice collection of toy steam engines as well. Give Harry a visit and enjoy his vast listing of resources.

Hobby Site

Coming to this list from the Netherlands, Martin de Roode's site displays collections of handmade miniatures and mechanicals containing a wide range of highly detailed items by several hobbyists. From scale model carts and brass miniatures to stirling engines, steam engines and a hand made clock that is a true thing of beauty, this is a fun site to visit. Be sure to check out the "Model" links on his site. His section on Engraving Tools may be of interest to model builders as well.

Ron Stewart's
Live Steaming

Model Steam Resources simply come no better than Ron Stewart's Live Steaming Web Site. Ron's site is probably the oldest and most complete online resource available, for sharing engine collecting and hobby engineering information. This site is a veritable encyclopedia of miniature steam, whatever your favorite flavor. Ron offers something for everyone and his site is a must for your bookmark list.

The EngineMan's
Web Site

There are 2 kinds of engine officianados. There are those who simply collect them for their beauty because we lack the ability to create them. Then there are the guys we admire who build these engines and enjoy the results of their work. Of this group there are those who do quite adequate work of which they are justly proud. Then there is "The EngineMan". John Bentley is that rare man who turns machining metal to the creation of true works of art. John has produced some of the most imaginatively detailed projects I've seen outside of a museum. If you could only visit a limited number of engine sites on the web....I'd have to recommend that you be sure to see his.

John's Steam
Engine Site

John 's Steam Engine site is one I stumbled onto and spent several hours reading about and enjoying his engines. He has quite an extensive gallery of old European toy steam engines on display.  The detailed information he provides for such a wide range of machines is pretty darned astounding. John is a walking encyclopedia of information on that little Marklin, Carette, or any of a wide range of toy engines you might have in hand.  Warning!! Warning!! Do not surf this web site anywhere close to bed time or you might be watching  the sun rise, still sitting at your computer.

Station Road Steam

Mike, at Station Road Steam, offers a wide variety of ever changing engines  for sale to collectors. I'd missed this British site until a fellow collector of handmade and toy engines pointed me to it. Mike offers everything from steam engines, and stirling motors to small scale locomotives and scale traction engines at relatively reasonable prices. He also has a selection of partially finished engines for those who like to see a project through to its completion.

Priest & Sons
Model Engineers

Priest & Sons, located in the West Midlands, area of England,  is doing some very interesting work  with 5" locomotives. They are building some extremely detailed engines from their own castings. The photos of their innovative approach to the design and engineering of these unique engines make this site very worthy of a visit.

Wm Durbins's

Once in a while you encounter someone who blows your preconceptions sky high. William Durbin is just such a character. He isn't your typical steam engine machinist type of fellow. He is a self professed artist who works mostly in the area of sculpture. Now before you go saying "I ain't here looking for sculpture", I'd suggest a visit to see his stuff. He produces some of the most fascinating Victorian/Road warrior flavored steam engine designs you'll ever see. While each one conforms to the theories of mechanical motion, sadly, not a darned one of them is live steam capable. Still....I think you'll join me in wishing they were.

Steam Site

Most of us who collect steam engines are older duffers who should know better. Odilon, or MooseMan as he is known, is a sad case of a young fellow who has already gotten to the advanced stages of  steam addiction. It's good to see the next generation of steam lovers coming along and MooseMan is defintely among the front of the new pack. His well designed web site shares not only his growing engine collection, but nicely chronicles his own successful efforts at engine restorations. Like I said... his addiction is acutely advanced for his age...(grin)  I predicted that we should watch for this site to grow and boy was that an understatement!! MooseMan and his immediate supervisor, Millie the Moose both rock!!

and the
Temple of Steam

 I 'm pleased to include Roger among the links on this site. Roger has been collecting for quite a while but this is his first attempt at tackling the mysteries of web site creation. I'll have to give him strong kudos.  He recently unveiled his new steam web site and I think you'll agree its an impressive effort. Roger is one of those guys who naturally make fun things infectious. This attribute, added to small steam engines has caused more than one new steam addiction Roger is a perfectionist where his engines are concerned, something  you'll see first hand as you wander among his beautiful collection of Jensens, Empires and assorted engines born in the UK. Lot's of information in one fun to visit place.

CrabFu Steam
Live Steam Creations

To paraphrase Yoda of Star Wars fame, "The FU is very strong in this one... yes".  Okay... so you have a few steam engines, you've got them all nicely restored and now you realize that you are getting a little bored with simply watching the flywheels go round and round. What's a mother to do?   I-Wei, or as most of us know him, "CrabFu" took matters to his own fertile imagination and came up with several of the most unique steam powered creations you're likely encounter anywhere.  Each is a testament to his creative and artistic abilities. I don't know what he's been drinking, but make mine a double of the same and give me a whole case of it while we're at it...LOL  Get ready to get steamed in a whole new way.

John Chapman's
Toy Steam Engines

Sometimes I miss a  good resource. Such is the case with this web site. Since I'm not an huge toy engine collector, my searches for toy engine sites are not a regular thing. I met John on a Yahoo discussion group where he shared is collection  and now I'm sharing it with you. John has centered much of his collecting around toy steam engines which were made in the UK. . If when I mention U.K.steam engines you immediately  think of Mamod's offerings, then think again. There is a rich and varied history to U.K..made toy steam engines of which  John appears to be well versed.

Toy_Steam Yahoo Group

The live steam hobby is growing by leaps and bounds and resources are becoming a lot more common, but being able to ask questions and learn from those in the hobby has always been an elusive thing. Peter has solved this problem by creating a place where steamers and want to be steamers alike can relax, share a bucket of two of steam and discuss the hobby. This well moderated forum is a very friendly place with a growing membership of steamers of all stripes.  You've probably already visited some of their web sites, so why not drop by and meet the people who share a love all things steam.  

My Steam
Other Things

The fun part of being an old timer in a hobby is watching others as they begin their own collecting journey. Such is the case with Dennis' recently launched steam web site.  His documentation of his first engine restoration is well worth the trip. He's managed an impressive first effort at establishing his own place on the net. his site continues to expand and is becoming a seasoned site these days. I predicted this one would be one to watch and I was quite right about that.

The Unofficial Mamod and other
Model Steam

This highly dynamic, fast moving  forum is quickly becoming the most active model steam forum on the net.  The membership is made up of a surprisingly strong number of youngsters and even a growing number of lady steamers. Yeah.. there are plenty of grey haired old guys, but even we get caught up in the fun and excitement. It is a well moderated forum and is running as wide open as a barn door.  Two thumbs up for a steam resource with some very exciting potential.

Model Engine


I've recently discover the fun of building my own steam engines from scratch. I owe some of the blame to the guys on this forum. The Home Model Engine Machinist Forum is a relatively new online resource, but one that has attracted a wide range of talented home machinists with a passion for building their own engines. It is also just about the "newbie friendliest " environment I've encountered among the various machinist boards I've visited. A veritable treasure trove of information, it's quickly become  one of my favorite places to haunt.... and you know how darned picky  I am about the company I keep...LOL

Steam Shack

Sandy got himself bitten by the steam bug. Nothing unusual about that, but then he got bitten by the web page bug and that is a combination that has been known to kill mere mortals....(grin). All kidding aside, Sandy is off to an excellent start with his site and has quite a nice range of engines on display. Give him a visit, sign his guestbook (if you can find the button) and let the man know you've enjoyed his efforts. You won't meet a nicer guy

Peake Engines

A recent email invited me to visit this Australian builder's site. I took the trip and discovered a nice little site where original design stock built engines can be had for not a lotof money. The engines are nicely made and worth the time to have a look.

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