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Miniature Live Steam Turbines

Miniature steam turbines are a rare breed within the miniature live steam hobby. I collected steam engines for many years before ever even seeing one. I acquired my first steam turbines at auction on Ebay, when I spotted three of them in a very badly listed offering. I bid and won them, beginning what has become a fun new avenue in my collecting efforts.  Those three very badly made engines created quite a stir among online collectors who began scouring the internet for one of their own. It didn't take long to figure out they were extremely difficult to find and even harder to buy. I've long lost count of the offers to purchase, requests for donation,  yes...and even a few angry demands that I sell mine. Today there are commercial sources for these amazing engines, making them realtively easy to add to any growing engine collection.

There is just something about hearing a small turbine spool up to operating speed that has proven to appeal to nearly every steam fan who has the opprotunity to witness it. The insane RPM's achieved by such a small device while sitting in the middle of a cloud of exhausted steam is just an incredible thing to witness. I can highly recommend the experience....(grin)

I've been lucky enough to have been involved with helping to develop and market some of the commercially made turbines available today and I know first hand  that the talent behind them is quite astounding. I hope to see this new and fascinating area of the live steam hobby continue to grow and gain in popularity.

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